Internet Services

And networking products

Your business needs a solid base that can rely on the long term on high-performance networks and dedicated internet access. Vision Data Solutions provides dedicated internet services that can secure the transfer of vital information while enabling applications that are so important for your development.

Ethernet Services

The Ethernet solution provided by Vision Data Solutions can help you extend your business across several towns, or continents and even into the cloud. We offer highly available Ethernet services that range from 1Mbps to 10Gbps. When delivering our services we always consider business continuity and management tools.

The Ethernet service is highly secure, with high performance that allows you to connect to data centers or business sites.

Dedicated Internet Services

Your business deserves the best internet services that can lead to fast development and growth. The Vision Data Solutions dedicated internet services deliver high-bandwidth capabilities that will help you generate greater performance while creating a more reliable and flexible network environment.

The fast pace development of the technology requires more resources from your network. By choosing Vision Data Solutions you will get consistent, high-performance applications to reach your customers using ultra-fast connections.

Wireless Private Network

You employees need fast and easy access to internal data as well as fast uploads and downloads. With the on-the-go networking you can do more in less time.

Vision Data Solutions provides Wireless Private Network solutions in a secure environment so your employees can access the internal network from any mobile device. A wireless network is beneficial not only through its mobility, but it can also transmit important data securely while giving you a back-up connection if needed.

Your users can now be productive with ease and speed wherever their location. Get the Wireless Private Network and benefit from all its perks:

  • Data transmission in a secure environment that maintains your confidentiality as top priority.
  • Wireless routers for business continuity and back-up in remote sites.
  • Easy device management at good prices with no extra costs for on-site expertise.
  • Stick to your budget and better control costs by routing public and private wireless data separately.